SURVIVAL RUN™ CANADA is an 80km+, 24 hour Ultra Distance Survival Race on the granitic flanks of the Howe Sound fjord, in British Columbia, an hour north of Vancouver. This race will push you in ways you have probably never been challenged and take you to some of the most spectacular terrain that any race accesses. The obstacles/challenges are natural and based on the history and current adventure pursuits of the area. The race starts and finishes in Squamish – the adventure sports hub of British Columbia!

The start will be at noon, Wednesday July 25, 2018, and the finish will be 24 hours later. There will also be a short-course version, with the same finish… start time and length TBC. There will be a MANDATORY racer briefing ahead of the race.


Registration fee: $650 until June 18, 2018; $750 until July 23, 2018. In contrast to previous years, there will be a single-step registration process, rather than a two-step application-registration process – the race director reserves the right to refund any racer they feel would be unsafe on the course… please be sure that you are experienced!

This is not your average ultra marathon, adventure race or obstacle course. You will not be scaling wooden walls, doing burpees, kayaking or only running for hours on end, but you will be doing things you have never done before! You will be challenged with rock climbing, swimming, carrying all sorts of things, digging, running brutal terrain, throwing, and surviving in this epic event! Most of the course and challenges are not revealed until race day; be ready for anything! However, follow us on Instagram at @FuegoyAgua and we will drop you hints from time to time. Be sure to read the page on Squamish weather!!

This race has aggressive cutoffs (expect a finish rate below 20%!) and requires ultra marathon distance experience – athletes must demonstrate to the Race Director’s satisfaction, that they came travel safely and have a reasonable chance of progressing through the race. Suggested, though not specifically required, experience includes having completed, within the previous year, two ultra marathons of at least 50km over technical terrain or one 100km ultra marathon over technical terrain, or front-of-field performance in a major endurance obstacle course races, such as Ultra Beast or World’s Toughest Mudder will count in your favour, but no particular experience will guarantee acceptance.

There are blogs, race reports, even a couple films, about last year’s race – these will help give you an idea… but be sure there will be surprises you haven’t seen before. Look to Survival Run Nicaragua and Australia to get a feel for the ethos and attitude. Watch the exploits of Squamish athletes to suss out the terrain you will have to negotiate. Now, after you mix a large spoon of cement with your breakfast cereal and HARDEN UP. sign up for this wild ride!!

Registrations are not transferable between Survival Run races or people. No refunds will be granted.

You can follow us on Instagram at @FuegoyAgua to keep up with developments for all Survival Run races. We will be posting profile photos of racers as they register, as well as race developments. @FuegoyAgua will also be dropping hints to help you prepare…. take note of these!! You can also sign up to our email list, if Instagram isn’t your thing.

Awards for SURVIVAL RUN™ 1st Place Male SOLO, 1st Place Female SOLO & 1st Place TEAM categories.

“If I get hurt, lost or die, it is my own damn fault!”
— Caballo Blanco
“The only proof of wanting it more, is suffering more”
— Matt Fitzgerald


    1. No whining! SURVIVAL RUN CANADA is hard and dangerous: only big kids should race this. We expect well under half the field to finish the course – don’t come expecting a medal: come expecting to learn about yourself.
    2. Entering Survival Run
      • Runners must have previous experience to satisfy the Race Director they can participate safely, to be considered for entry! If the race director feels a runner is not experienced enough to be able to safely participate, he has the right to remove the racer and refund the fees.
      • Runners must provide their own Adventure Sports Insurance, specific instructions are listed below. Canadian provincial insurance is acceptable.
    3. Mandatory equipment. The race page will list mandatory equipment. It must be carried throughout and produced on demand; failure to do so without due cause will result in disqualification. (This will be similar to last year’s required equipment – but confirm the list as the race nears.)
    4. Course maps are not provided – you will discover the course as your proceed. The course will generally be marked, but runners must be able to follow directions and route-find when required.
    5. Racers are encouraged, but not required, to carry Emergency transponders or cellphones which have been sealed to the satisfaction of the race director so that they cannot be used without breaking the seal – breaking the seal, even by accident, will constitute withdrawal from the race.
    6. Cut-offs, withdrawal and removal from the course
      • Overall cut-off time for SURVIVAL RUN CANADA is 24 hours.
      • There will be cut-offs along the course – there will be no announcement of these cut-offs in advance. They will be based on safety and logistical considerations, and will become progressively more demanding through the course.
      • All safety-based cut-off times will be STRICTLY enforced, though the Race Director reserves the right to relax non-safety-based cut-offs. Cut-offs may be adjusted to account for changing conditions.
      • The Race Director and his delegates have the right to remove a runner from the race if the Race Director, or delegated representatives, feel the racer cannot continue safely, or has engaged in unsporting behaviour. Runners who refuse to get off of the course when directed will be immediately disqualified and may be refused entry to future Survival Runs.
      • Runners who wish to drop out of the race must report to the nearest official before doing anything else! Those who do not respect this rule will be disqualified and banned from racing future Survival Run or Sweaty Yeti events.
    7. Assistance
      • Runners are not allowed to take rides of any sort during the course of the race. Motorcycles, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, Horses, Cows, etc. are not allowed!
      • Runners cannot help each other with challenges or carry loads for each other; the only exception is helping each other with first aid or nutrition. Exceptions may be made by special arrangement with the Race Director – for example to allow an sighted athlete to assist a sight-challenged athlete.
      • Any runner requesting or accepting first aid or nutrition from race staff or any outside party is deemed to have retired from the race immediately.
      • By-standers advising racers about upcoming course or challenges may be considered assistance and may result in disqualification – it you love your runner, don’t tell them anything!
    8. Prohibited activities
      • SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED ON COURSE!!! There are significant fire risks at certain times of year, and we don’t want to start fires unintentionally. Also, some areas restrict smoking even if not taking part in the race. This includes, tobacco, weed, hashish, and your socks. If you absolutely need tobacco, get used to chew.
      • Alcohol and judgement-impairing substances, including marijuana, may not be consumed on course until the finish line, and racers may not be under the influence of such substances.
      • Throwing trash out on the course is prohibited! Any runner found intentionally leaving trash on the course will be Immediately Disqualified! Runners who pick up trash may be rewarded.
      • Short-cutting the course is not allowed – the flagged or described route must be followed. This includes small and large short-cuts.
      • Unsportsmanlike behaviour, as reasonably determined by the Race Director at his sole discretion, is not allowed.
      • Anyone found cheating will be disqualified immediately! Runners cannot receive outside assistance, including medical aid or advance warning of challenges, during race from anyone not in the race. NOTE: spectators are not allowed to pass information about the course on to racers; doing so may result in penalty to or disqualification of the runner.
    9. Challenges
      • Challenges may be compulsory challenges or non-compulsory challenges. The classification may be changed by the Race Director to account for changing conditions.
      • Failure to complete a compulsory challenge will result in the racer being required to withdraw immediately.
      • Non-compulsory challenges may incur time or other penalties for failure. Runners are not required to attempt non-compulsory challenges.
      • However, a certain number of challenges must have been completed at each medal check-point to be allowed to proceed. Typically runners may fail, or elect not to challenge, one or more non-compulsory challenges and still be eligible for medals.
      • Challenges must be completed in accordance with the safety instructions of race officials. For example, if a safety rope is provided on a climbing section, it is mandatory that it is used, even if you feel you could safely climb without it. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
    10. Please appreciate our volunteers! Rudeness, disrespect, abuse, or other bad behavior towards staff or volunteers may be disciplined at the Race Director’s sole discretion, including disqualification from the race and being banned from future Sweaty Yeti events if it is deemed appropriate.
    11. The trails used by the race are open to, and used by, people outside the race – please be courteous and polite to other trail users at all time! Be aware you will be sharing the trail with hikers, runners, dogs, mountain bikes, and in some areas motorcycles. You may also be travelling on public roads at times. Stay aware, stay safe!
    12. Do not approach or harass wildlife. In particular, do not approach bears or try scare them off – we would hate for a bear to be killed because some ignorant twit caused the bear to attack. (Two runner came across a bear last year – luckily, they behaved correctly and everything was fine.)

This is a summary of rules. Rules can and will be modified with time. The definitive and final set of rules will be posted at the race venue in advance of the race, where after race officials reserve the right to make rulings which may update or provide exceptions to the rules. Any decision by a race official may be appealed to the race director, but will only be over-turned in exceptional circumstances.


  • Learn to climb rocks, mountains, trees, and anything else. Ropes and bars are for gyms. Hands are for more than grabbing food at the pub!
  • Runners must be physically able to run long distances on rough trails, as well as swim, climb, jump and carry heavy loads.
  • This race is self-supported!! NO FOOD OR WATER WILL BE PROVIDED ON COURSE.


Gear Check may take place at any time from the mandatory race briefing to the Finish line – be ready to lay it out in an organized fashion so we can make sure you have all of the required gear. Mandatory gear must be carried throughout the race – failure to present full gear on demand is grounds for disqualification. Possession of any prohibited items at any time after the start of the race will result in disqualification (if prohibited items are found at a start-line gear check, race officials will allow the racer to hand the items to a third party for safe keeping, but will not accept it themselves.)

We recommend you pack light, as cutoffs are aggressive and the terrain brutal. If you start the race with it, you must carry it all of the way through and finish the race with it, unless you place it in a recognized trash can! Each participant must have all of the required gear on this list.


  • Your Adventure Travel Insurance Policy. Provincial Insurance is acceptable for Canadian runners. **A Proof of Coverage Certificate is required before you begin the race – a copy must be emailed at least 48 hours before the race, or a printed copy given to race officials at packet pickup. Info is at bottom of this page.
  • Signed waiver – we recommend signing this online to make it easier and quicker (links will be circulated) – a link will be provided closer to the event. If you cannot sign online, there will be hard-copy forms to sign at packet pick-up.
  • Means of making fire – matches, lighter, flint-and-tinder, etc. (Pro tip… make sure these stay dry and you know how to use them.)
  • Water carrier for at least 2L
  • 100 feet (30 metres) of paracord (550 cord or similar)
  • Sturdy knife with a blade of at least 3″ (8cm) length
  • Survival Blanket or Bivvy – We Recommend: SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER® ESCAPE LITE™ BIVVY
  • Water Purifier or tablets – We Recommend: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
  • Long Sleeve shirt or Jacket, hat, gloves, leggings/long pants made from synthetic insulating material  – Mountains can become inhospitable very quickly! You will be away from shelter for many hours at a time
  • Waterproof rain jacket with hood – Again, mountains… we recommend breathable fabric. WaterPROOF, not waterRESISTANT
  • Plenty of Food and Water and electrolytes! – Know your race nutrition 100%. While there are several locations to refill water, mostly from natural streams, there will be few opportunities to purchase food, and no food will be provided at check points.
  • Headlamp (NOT hand-held flashlight) with extra batteries – must be waterproof; at least 120 lumens, 200+ recommended
  • UIAA-approved rock-climbing harness, locking climbing carabiner, climbing sling (nylon or otherwise), and rock climbing helmet. – Yes, we are serious. Yes, you will use them. Yes, you need to know how to use them properly. No, you don’t need rock climbing shoes, chalk, rope, belay device, or any other equipment… unless you feel you will be too fast and need a handicap weight!
  • Foot spikes or crampons which fit properly on your running footwear and have spikes at least 3/4″ (18mm) long. – We recommend Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultras, or the original Hillsound Trail Crampon… and we are looking to partner again with Hillsound to offer you a special race discount!
  • We are hoping to introduce satellite tracking… we are working on a good rental supplier. There may be an additional cost (no more than $30 – we will eat anything more) for this


  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Work gloves
  • Means to keep your kit dry when swimming
  • Bear spray or deterrent
  • Cell phone for safety purposes, provided the cell phone is turned off and placed in a bag such that the screen cannot be seen, and the bag is presented to race officials to be sealed; the seal must remain unbroken until final inspection at the finish line. If the seal is broken, the running will be deemed to have dropped out.
  • Second headlamp, in case the main unit fails
  • First aid supplies to deal with blisters, grazed, cuts, sprains, etc.


  • GPS Devices, including cellphones, except as provided below
  • Altimeters


  • SPOT Tracker or other type of personal Satellite Tracker provided no maps or coordinates can be read by the racer in the field (racers may ask an official to seal any device they wish to carry which would otherwise fail this requirement – but the seal must remain unbroken)
  • GoPro or similar video camera
  • Canadian currency or a credit card – depending on your pace, there will be a couple opportunities to purchase food.


This insurance needs to cover you during SURVIVAL RUN. You are REQUIRED to carry this Insurance if you are in the race and are not a resident of Canada. Residents of Canada must show their proof of valid provincial medical insurance. If you have similar insurance with our minimum required coverage through another provider and can provide a valid Certificate of Proof, please send it to us AFTER your have completed your Race Registration.

Visit one of the Websites linked below.
IMG Insurance Instructions (BEST FOR USA PARTICIPANTS):

  • Choose either Patriot Travel Medical Insurance or Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance. This is your choice.
  • Purchase no less than $500,000 Maximum Coverage.
  • Deductible amount is up to you – remember this is 100% your responsibility!
  • YOU MUST choose SPORTS RIDER as Coverage Option. Any additional items are optional.
  • Coverage minimum is 5 days, make sure coverage is at least covering Friday March 10 through Sunday March 12, 2017.


  • Choose at least a minimum of the DELUXE Plan with with the Personal Accident Coverage. Any more than this is your choice.
  • Make sure coverage is from Friday March 10 through Sunday March 12, 2017. Any more than this is your choice.

World Nomads (Good option – but check coverage!)

  • Make sure that ultra-distance races are covered – this varies depending on your country of residence


To Provide your Proof of Insurance to Race Officials:

  • Up to 48 Hours Before Event only! – Email a PDF or Image to *DO NOT EMAIL YOUR CERTIFICATE

Unless you have emailed proof to the race director at least 48 hours in advance, bring Paper Proof of Insurance Certificate with you to Packet Pickup – including a copy for the race officials to put on file. *WE DO NOT ACCEPT SCREENSHOT IMAGES ON YOUR PHONE AS PROOF OF INSURANCE.


SURVIVAL RUN CANADA is excited to partner with a number of high-quality local businesses to help runners focus on the race. These will be announced as they are finalized!

ESCAPE ROUTE, Squamish’s premier home-grown mountaineering store. Located centrally in Squamish, the store will provide a one-stop-shop for buying any items on the required or recommended gear list (except cell phones and insurance!) at 10% off retail. This takes the stress out of tracking down items you don’t already have. It is recommended you contact the store in advance to confirm they have the correct size available.

Transfer to Squamish. Pacificcoach ( provides an extensive timetable from Vancouver Airport (called SkyLynx, $59 one way)  or from downtown Vancouver (called Whistler Express, $20 one-way, $32 return). You can catch the SkyTrain light rail from the airport to downtown Vancouver for about $4.10, taking about 30 minutes if you are staying overnight or want to save a few dollars. These are rack prices… we aren’t big enough to get your discounts… yet!

Accommodation. Last year we partnered with two local accommodation concerns – we are working to bring you similar deals this year. There are hostel, hotel and camping options as well as over 300 AirBNB listings… watch this spot!

Concierge. Do you want someone to help you with restaurant bookings, guided tours, spa bookings, or extra help with any aspect? Do you want a personal assistant for the little things? We can help you! Get in touch, and we will see what we can do to help.

Equipment, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions. Survival Run Canada is working to build partnerships in these areas… watch for updates!

One of the cornerstones of Survival Run races is the four-part medal… racers receive the “FAIL” medal after having made it through roughly a quarter of the course. Those who make it to half way (often fewer than half the racers) go home with medals proclaiming “I… FAIL”. The few that make it three quarters will spend the next year looking at their medal wall being reminded “I… DID… FAIL”. And only the handful of hardy, determined runners who cross the finish line, having completed most or all of the challenges, can show their friends that “I… DID… NOT… FAIL”.

This 2017 medal for Survival Run Canada was designed by Kate Isaac, of Heartwood Designs. Kate is a young artist who grew up in Squamish and has forever been moved by its amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery. She uses this inspiration when burning images onto reclaimed pieces of wood and creates a piece of art with its own kind of natural beauty.

We are working on the 2018 crest… we will let you know once it is finalized!

If you are interested in Kate’s work, please EMAIL HER, or visit her Facebook Page.