We may be in the Great White North… but summer in British Columbia can be quite warm! Please look at the attached images for more information.

July and August are the driest months, with average rainfall of just 42mm and 48mm. They are also the warmest; while the average minimums are 13C (56F) and maximums are 24C (75F) – very pleasant conditions – the extremes that have been measured are 4C (39F) to  38C (100F)!!

In addition to this, the extreme changes in elevation bring additional challenges: as you climb, temperature drops – in dry conditions typically at 1C per 100m (5.5F per 1,000’). Since some trails reach as high as 2,000m, this means the temperatures at altitude can be as much as 20C (36F) colder than at sea level. In addition, temperature variations will be more inland than on the coast.