The Sweaty Yeti Running Society is a British Columbia non-profit society formed for the purpose of promoting and presenting long distance trail running and associated events. The Society hosts most Sweaty Yeti events.

Now, YOU can become a member of the Society, and help us promote long-distance madness!

What do you get for your membership dues?

Firstly, you get FREE ENTRY into the member-only events. In 2017, these include the Longest Day events on the Sunshine Coast Trail and the Pokosha 50 shadowing the Tantalus Mountain Range. We look forward to bringing back the same events in 2018 and adding to them.

In addition, you get 20% discount on all non-exclusive events, except Survival Run. To get the event off the ground, we can’t offer a discount on the 2017 event, but will be offering a 10% discount on the 2018 Survival Run event!!

We will be searching for exclusive deals on high-quality running equipment and swag.

Lastly, and subject to compliance with relevant regulation, we look forward to offering all members a FREE mini-growler (1 litre) of Insolent Donkey beer or cider, to be collected at a Sweaty Yeti event. We WANT TO SHARE THE LURVE… but we also don’t want to get arrested, fined, summonsed, served, or otherwise end up on the wrong side of Da Man, so watch this space.

Become a member by signing up here!!

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