This four-day camp (May 25-28,2017), presented by Sweaty Yeti and Uprise Performance in conjunction with Survival Run, is will help broaden your running experience, and get you closer to ready for Survival Run Canada, or any other mountain running adventures you are looking at. Your guides, both winners of Survival Run Nicaragua and experienced ultra-distance runners, will introduce you to the rugged, beautiful running trails of Squamish, give you tips to improve (from running posture to mental techniques and racing strategy), and show you some key skills you will need for Survival Run Canada.

NOTE!! You will not be given any information about the actual race, such as what challenges will be faced or where the course goes. You will only be instructed in skills which have been announced up to the time of the course in the Survival Run Canada social media and website feeds. Please don’t even ask for an inside track – we will either ignore you or lie!

You can complete the application form, or for more information, go to the Camp Page.



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