Run Clinics

& Small Group Coaching

Running clinics range from two hours to a full day, and take place on site at the client’s convenience, with typically one coach per five runners. Our most popular clinic is an introduction to running, focusing on form and technique; the typical agenda would be

  • Fitting of shoes (we have a demo fleet for people needing shoes or wanting to try new models) and discussion of factors to consider when choosing shoes;
  • Guided warm-up;
  • Discussion of form and technique to practice;
  • Group out-run tailored for the needs of the group, and including slow-motion video analysis of gait and posture;
  • Guided cool-down;
  • Free-form Q&A and review of aspect for runners to work on.

Small-group coaching is tailored to the specific needs of the group – up to three runners per coach – with popular examples including:

  • Running on technical terrain
  • Gait analysis and technique review
  • Nutrition
  • Race strategy (specific to runners’ goal races)

Costs range from $50/hour for Sea to Sky, or $300/day plus travel costs for other areas


I was lucky enough to enjoy a running session with Dylan this summer and learned more in one hour than I have in over a year of running! Dylan takes the time to find out exactly what skills you’d like to focus on and tailors the session accordingly. We focused on technical downhill trail sections, starting with learning the techniques and then applying them to increasingly difficult sections of trail. I’m known to panic when I’m taken beyond my comfort zone, but with great coaching and encouragement, I learned that I’m much more capable than I first thought and finished the session with a new-found confidence in my running abilities. As well as focusing on your specific goals for the session, Dylan has great advice to share on running posture, nutrition and training. With great stories and words of wisdom from his running background as well as fun features to tackle on the Squamish trails, there was never a dull moment! I left the session feeling eager to try out my new skills on familiar trails and have certainly noticed an improvement in my speed downhill. Thanks to Dylan, I’m considering signing up for my first ultramarathon next summer!

– Linsey, Whistler

Running Camps

Camps are two- to five-day events, tailored to the client’s needs. Customized camps can be presented at a client’s location, while standard camps are run at a variety of highly desirable locations around British Columbia.

Each day will start with a healthful breakfast and a mobility class, followed by a short trail run. This will be followed by discussions of technique, nutrition, training, and other topics, tailored to the needs of the group.

A ratio of up to 5:1 clients:coaches will be maintained, with coaches chosen from an extensive list of trusted endurance athletes who will best cover the needs of the group.

Cost starts at $1,000 plus travel and accommodation costs, according to the chosen venue.