Our Story

The name “Sweaty Yeti” appeared in May 2016, when our founder, Dylan, was running the Comrades Marathon in South Africa; his parents and friends, Mike and Marianne, were crewing him, and decided a team name was required – given Dylan’s size-14 feet and penchant for perspiration, “Sweaty Yeti” was an obvious choice.

Sweaty Yeti’s mission is to spread the joy of ultra-running, especially in British Columbia. The main push is to develop new trail races, focused on the hundred mile distance, with shorter ultra folded in. These races are in spectacular locations across British Columbia. To help people break into, or advance further in, ultra running, we offer clinics and camps.

The Sweaty Yeti Running Society

The Sweaty Yeti Running Society is a British Columbia non-profit society which presents most of Sweaty Yeti’s events.

Annual membership in the Society gives access to a number of member-only races and other events, and discounts to other races. You also get a swanky shirt!

To become a member, please fill out the membership form, and pay the dues at our shop.

Meet the Team

Sweaty Yeti is lucky to have an enthusiastic and skilled team making the magic happen. Here are a few of the key people, and a link to help you join us!

Dylan Morgan

Founder, Race Director

Growing up in South Africa, Dylan’s sports origins are in mountaineering and adventure racing. In his twenties, Dylan became involved with bike racing – road, mountain, and long distance – ultimately qualifying for the Paris-Brest-Paris 1,200km race in 2003. Professionally, Dylan’s background is as a project manager, having driven natural resource projects from the Canadian arctic to the US Midwest. Now living in Squamish, Dylan is focused primarily on ultra running, with achievements including winning the Fuego y Agua Survival Run in Nicaragua in 2016, and holding the FKT (fastest known time) record for the Sunshine Coast Trail (31:55 for 168km of mountain running).

Brie Hemmingway

Social Media, Volunteer Coordinator

Brie is currently on sabbatical from Sweaty Yeti while she is growing one of the next generation of trail runners. We can’t wait to have her back, and meet the little Altra Ambassador!

Brie knows all the people, and could organize the best party of the year using just one leaf of over-cooked kale. She is very involved in the local trail running community, both as a runner and serial volunteer. Her recent accomplishments include the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim, running the Gorge Waterfalls 100km, completing 10 Grouse Grinds in one day, and finishing the 250 km, 7-day Trans Alp in southern Germany through Austria to northern Italy.

Fraser Koroluk

Permitting, Safety Director, Bella Coola Running Camps

Fraser is a dyed-in-the-wool adventure runner. When he isn’t guiding river-based bear viewing tours in Bella Coola, BC, he is travelling to run and hang out with many of the “elder statesmen” of North American ultra running. His decades of experience in eco tourism is a huge boon to Sweaty Yeti!

Julie van de Valk

Sweaty Yeti Athlete: ultra distance cycling and hiking

Julie is stoked!!! She is an avid weekend adventurer who self-identifies as being on the learning curve of adventure and pushing herself to longer distances. Julie also has 6 months off in 2017 to use as one heck of a long weekend! She is planning to bike the 2900km Pacific Coast Route down to San Diego in 20 days to start her ~5 month hike of the 4260 km Pacific Crest Trail home.


Join our Team!

Are you passionate about trail running? Is British Columbia wilderness in your blood? We would love to find a seat on the bus for you! The first step is to sign up on the Volunteer Form.

Our Partners

Sweaty Yeti is excited to be partnered with, or to be supporting, the following excellent organizations.


The Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society maintains the Sunshine Coast Trail.

Club Fat Ass

Club Fat Ass is committed to presenting non-standard running events in British Columbia.