Learn more about the runners who are going to brave the INAUGURAL Survival Run Canada.
Registered runners:
Survival Run Canada 2017

Experience: 2016 Canadian Death Race (125km, 17:11hrs), , 2016 Sun Peaks Spartan Ultra Beast (50k obstacle course race, 6:56hr, 2nd place), , 2016 Grizzly Ultra (50k, 5:24hr)

Motivation: I am a true believer in everything Survival Race stands for. I live my life with the attitude that if you aren’t continuously trying to push your limits and challenge yourself then you are wasting time. Survival Race Canada is the ultimate physical and mental test and would be the culmination of everything I spend my time training for. It would be a privilege and an honour to be chosen.

Experience: 2012,13,14,15 Worlds toughest mudder., 2015 dirty duo, solo, 2015 Snowden trail challenge., 2016 Momar, Cumberland, solo., Plus tons of Mountain bike racing.

Motivation: I live on the west coast of Canada. I love racing and challenging myself., I’m taking a year off work starting in early spring to concentrate on racing many different types of races including mountain bikes., I will be a finisher., I want this!

Experience: Canadian Death Race (126km 17:20)

Motivation: As a competitive elite obstacle course racer and outdoor enthusiast, I spend my free time training in the mountains and truly believe Survival Race Canada aligns with my goals as an athlete. As someone who has grown up backcountry camping and backcountry skiing, I believe Survival Race is the perfect culmination of my extracurricular hobbies and my athletic aspirations.

Experience: Canadian Death Race Solo, Ironman Canada, Escape from Alcatraz, , Canmore Grizzly Ultra X 2, Summited 51 unique mountians in 2015, 4th person (known) to complete the Rundle traverse (III, 5.5, 44km, 3500m) as a scramble (no ropes), including non races i’ve done 10+ 50-125km days all with 2000m+ gain.

Motivation: I’m a strong climber, scrambler, swimmer and very comfortable being alone in the mountains on big days in very ugly conditions! I have two 160km mountain days planned for 2017.This race fits perfectly into my skill set and is the logical next step in races I need to add to my resume!

Experience: Battlefrog Xtreme (June, 2016 in 100 degree heat); GoRuck Tough (13 hours) and GoRuck light (4 hours) oMy two DNFs were the Killington Ultra Beast in 2014 (I injured my knee 7 miles in but still finished the fist lap) and then I DNF’d the Sun Peaks Ultra Beast in 2015 (that one was a gear and mountain prep issue). In 2016, I’ve finished all of my races. The I went roughly 20 miles in 6 hours and 34 minutes at the Battlefrog Xtreme in Portland in June of 2016 (7th place male). It was 102 degrees when I stopped the race and I had heat exhaustion, but completed 119 of 120 obstacles. The back-to-back GoRucks I did were in Anchorage with several carries and a lot of time in the ocean water. The events ran 17 hours (13 hours for the 1st, 4 for the second) with a 3 hour break between the two. I swam the 1.5 miles from Alcatraz to San Francisco in 61 degree water, then ran another 7 miles. The Sun Peaks Ultra Beast was 30.4 miles, 68 obstacles, was 9,100 feet of elevation gain and as much loss, and the temps on race day ranged from the high 20’s to low 40’s. I finished that race in 11 hours and 24 minutes. I live in Anchorage and have had run-ins with black bears and moose while training, and encountered a black bear at Sun Peaks. Grip strength and flexibility is great for rock climbing. Next year I’m scheduled to do the Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon in early July. It’s a 2.6 mile swim in the Alaskan ocean, 112 mile bike and then 27 mile run in the hills.n same day in July 2016), Alcatraz Duathon (August 2016), 30+ mile Spartan Ultra Beast in Sun Peaks, Canada (September, 2016) plus a couple of triathlons.

Motivation: Nobody is entitled to run an event like this, but I show the events and the training to participate in them with respect. I DNFd a Spartan Ultra beast in 2014 (Vermont) and 2015 (Sun Peaks). I kept coming back each year until 2016 when I finally finished. Training was constantly changed each year in progressive but more thoughtful ways to be adaptive to any situation.

Experience: This year my ultras were a little lighter than usual: Bandera 50K, Captain Karl’s 60K series (series of 4 60K races at night time in the summer in Texas), and a handful of sub-ultra races. In the past I’ve finished Bandera 100K, Tahoe Rim 50 mile, Bighorn 50 mile, and of course attempted 5 other Survival Runs (2x Hunter Gatherer, 3x Nicaragua)……..Between now and Survival Run Canada, I plan to run and finish: Wild Hare 50K, Warda TX, Bandera 100K, Bandera TX, Survival Run Nicaragua, Hells Hills 50 mile, Smithville TX, J&J 100K Rocksprings TX,

Motivation: I’d like the opportunity to wrestle a grizzly bear, whether that’s part of the race or not.

Experience: World’s Toughest Mudder 2014 (2nd), World Championship UltraBeast 2016 (first)

Motivation: I love everything about it.

Experience: Survival Run Nicaragua 2016, Devil’s Double 2016, 250 miles CFITT across Florida 2015, 125k Harricana 2015, 100 miler Cloudsplitter 2016, Infinitus 888k (I completed 675k) 2016, full resume at www.helenedumais.com

Motivation: Having completed the Survival Run Nicaragua, I can’t pass over the one in my home country, Canada!

Experience: Winner: Survival Run Nicaragua, 2016, 2017. Podium, Tahoe 200: 2015, 2016. Climbed the Seven Summits. Over twenty years adventure racing at a high level.

Experience: 2015 Spartan Ultra Beast Sun Peaks over 50km, 2016 Seattle Battlefrog BFX 3rd place 7laps aprox 45 Km, 2016 Squamish Battlefrog BFX 2nd place 6 laps aprox 45 km

Motivation: I used to run marathons in my early 30s and recently been doing OCRs the last few years and have been wanting to up my game so to speak. What better way than to tackle this in my own back yard. Allison Tai has totally said I can do this and will be a great training partner.

Experience: -WTM 2013-2016, -Spartan Ultra beast 2014-2015, *goruck heavy 2014

Motivation: I have lived in the country my entire life, learning to hunt and trap., I have learned survival skills completing both a goruck navigator and jedburgh event, I have been rock climbing since 2010, I have been accepted for survival run nicaragua

Experience: Spartan ultrabeast 2016 owl’s head 51km, battlefrog extreme 2016 montreal 32km, navyseal challenge 2016 complete 35km 15hr, lot of training in trail of more than 30km

Motivation: I have a lot say, but in few word i like to take part of new challenge and i know i am physically and mentally prepared and if i can send you a longer text i can explain you why. now i want to know if i have what it’s take!!! I have been racing for 3 years, having made multiple changes in my life. After 2 years of trail racing and OCR, I decided that 2016 would be a year of challenge. After participating in the Navyseal challenge in May, where I learned a lot about myself. The greatest discovery was to see just how much my mind was stronger than my physique. I then participated in more than 20 OCR races of varying distances ranging from 5 to 50km and I crowned my season at the world championship finishing 19th in my age group. I am part of a training group that advocates self-transcendence, team spirit and participation before success, 3 things that directly joins me. This is why I decided that for 2017 I will offer myself even more challenge, always in order to learn more about me, several OCR on the menu, some ultrabeast, harricana 65km and still the navyseal challenge. Being a fan of Hélène Dumais I could not pass to the side of the chance to participate in Survival. When the announcement was made for Canada it was a sign to me. I intend to team up with Raphael Duchesne, a 19 year old with whom I had the chance to fight during the navy and with whom I spent the majority of my OCRs this summer. Hoping that this short text on my motivations will join you enough for you to let me try my luck. I have the physique and the mind strong enough to start and I want to know if I have what it takes to get through. And as you say so well; If I am wounded, lost or die, it will only be my fault.

Experience: 3 ultra beasts and 100 km trail run that started at night with RAY ZAHAB ( I2P); So I’ve been mostly a OCR racer for the last 4 years
Participating in over 20 races a year but now I’ve been concentrating on long distance events. My first
Ultra beast in killington Vermont I finished 40th overall in the elite heat And 11 th overall in the following ones. I ran with ray zahab for he’s I2p 100 km trail run last August which started at nigh time and managed to finish 1st with over 40 minutes lead on the second runner. Loved my experience which is why I’m pursuing other challenges like this one and will also be entering the 2018 fire and ice ultra in Iceland. I now have coach to help me train properly and smarter not only to help me finish theses events but to perform really well. Not mentioning that I organized a team of 16 peoples to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 2015 to raise money for our children’s hospital. Which we all succeeded the ascent.

Experience: 7 x Suck events, 12 hour adventure race, 2 x 50 km runs both trail races in Australia Wullhulla wound up, 1 x 90 km charity run for cancer

Motivation: I am hoping no other Australians have done it before. First Aussie to compete in a Dearh race and also Suck and Ultimate Suck.

Experience: Hurricana 65km, 3 x Spartan Beasts (finishes in the top 10)

Motivation: After competing in 2 obstacle race world championships in Lake Tahoe, California and Blue Mountain, Ontario I am ready for my endurance year – 2017. My plan is to kick endurance butt: I want to complete the Spartan Agoge, 60+km Feb, Mt Albert 100km skyrun in July and complete the Raid Int’l Gaspésie, 300km adventure race in Gaspésie in Sept. I also have 14 years experience in the Canadian army

Experience: Fuego y Agua Devils Double, Leadville 100, UROC, along with 30+ other ultras

Motivation: As an experienced and seasoned Ultra runner I have grown to love endurance challenges. My experience competing in and finishing the Devils Double in Nicaragua in 2015 opened a whole new world to me. Survival races take the best of my running, cross fit and outdoor adventure activities and combine them in a way that pushes competitors to their limits. What could be more fun.

Experience: Ultimate XC x5, Vermont 50K x2, Virgil Crest 50M x2, Canadian Death Race – Solo, Eastern States 100M, Squamish 50M

Motivation: I live in Vancouver and spend my play time in the Sea to Sky / Whistler area. Along with my organized endurance running, I have also run from Laos to Vietnam following the Mekong River, Siem Reap to Pre Vihear along the Angkor Trail and the eastern jungle border area between Cambodia and Vietnam. I am looking for more, something that I’m not actually sure I can finish and more than possibly Fail!

Experience: Full race resume at www.jensegger.com, – 12 years in ultra and distance racing (running, adventure racing, mountain biking), Ex….Badwater135, adventure racing world series x 7, recorder holder on the West Coast Trail, Juan de Fuca Trail & Golden Hinde, , – Top finishes at La Mision 50miler, Leadville, Hong Kong 100km, San Diego100km,Zion 100km

Motivation: This race looks exciting and is right in my backyard. As a coach, I want to encourage others to take it on. By partaking in the first one, I will gain better perspective on how to prepare my athletes exactly for this type of event. Im looking for a new challenge beyond just running. Squamish terrain is perfect for this!!!

Experience: I was 1st place woman (5th overall) solo division in TPK Endurance 3/12-13, 2016; a 20+ hr (~35-40 miles) multi-stage (ruck/run/orienteering/rock climbing/miscl challenges) endurance adventure race . I finished TPK 2 Endurance 1/13-15, 2017 on a 2-person team multi-stage endurance race 39hr (~40-50 miles). I finished AZ Trail Ragnar Ultra (32mi/50K) 11/2016. Finished 5 x Spartan Beasts.

Motivation: While I don’t have a super long resume of endurance races, I am a US Army veteran and I completed both the winter/summer mountain warfare schools with elite male soldiers. I worked 7 yrs as a mountain guide in AK, US, & S. America with several peaks >18,000 ft. I’m no stranger to tolerance for adversity/uncertainty. I also have had reinforced from the TPK Endurance Race series that I have grit!

Experience: Tor Des Geants 330 km Ultra in Italian Alps (2010, 2011, 2013, 2015) – PB: 115 hrs, 7th female, Fat Dog 120 mile Ultra, BC (2014) – 39h45, 2nd female, Barkley Marathons, Tennessee (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) – PB: Almost 2 laps, 23 hrs, World 24 hr Rogaine Championships, 2014, 3rd female; 2016, 6th female, Canadian Death Race 125 km, 2010, Sinister 7 Ultra, 2012, 2nd female, 15 years adventure racin

Motivation: I have a long history of competing in multi-day adventure races, ultra-marathons in mountain terrain, and navigation races at the World level. I live in the Canadian Rockies and spend much of my summers in the Squamish region so I understand mountain terrain and mountain weather, and particularly the unique features of the beautiful north shore. I also have been doing Crossfit for the last 4 years

Experience: Winner Hunter Gatherer Texas 2X

Motivation: Great question!

Experience: StoneMill 50 miler 2016; Greenway 50k 2015 and 2016; Rev3 2016 26 hour Epic Adventure Shanendoah; 2016 “Traders” 21 hour Endurance event put on by the Endurance Society.

Motivation: I have found my true passion in Survival/Adventure endurance racing. Adapting and overcoming what life deals you has been woven into my life’s story. I’m in great shape, possess an indomitably positive attitude and have lots of skills (primitive living,orienteering, Backcountry first-aid and rescue, CPR, former gymnast, skiing, winter hiking). Lastly, I love Canada; proposed to my wife in Ontario

Experience: XREID Hardengervidda 78 M (2015), XREID Senja (2016) 77M, Chimera 100M (2016), Franklin Mountains Skyrace 50K, http://statistik.d-u-v.org/getresultperson.php?&runner=99163&Language=EN , https://ultrasignup.com/results_participant.aspx?fname=Muzaffer&lname=Musal

Motivation: I enjoy exploration of movement and mental challenges that the physical pain an ultra event provides.

Experience: Ultras Beast WC Lake Tahoe

Motivation: Because I’m such a strong female athlete that only a slingshot, at almost the end of the race, can hold me back from finishing in Nicaragua

Experience: 50k’s, ultra beasts, adventure races, death race, multi stage races

Motivation: Cuz I freaking love the fact that SR is coming to BC! , Came so close to finishing the SR Nicaragua in 2015 that I def need to do it again!

Experience: Original Bootcamp 25 hr longest Day (X2), Northface 50km (Aus), Mount Buffalo 75km (Aus), started Survival Run Australia, Started Survival Run Nicaragua (X2)

Motivation: Of all the races I have competed in, the only ones I have not completed are the survival runs. I will keep trying until I do. Also it’s a good excuse to go somewhere I’ve never been before